Airball, Spool, and Woods Fields

Legacy Paintball Park is the premier tournament field in Northern New York. Legacy has air in the pits, electricity in the pits, showers, real bathrooms, and state of the art scoreboard.

Legacy has been the place my team has practiced for over seven years. It is well worth the drive for us and we absolutely love the fact the field layouts are always set up perfect.Justin Eddy (Burlington Gangsters) -

Legacy will have open play at least one time a month, which will include all fields even the sup airball tournament field. Legacy Paintball will also have 4500psi air fills and will help break teams up and organize a fast rotation session on the airball field.

NOTE: You must be 10 yrs of age and Legacy is  Field Paint Only Field.

Can we do Drills during open play?

Yes. You and your team may do drills during open play and the rotation session. This can be done on either the airball or the spool field(s). You and your team may want to also check out drill night, which is designed to help develop one's skill. CLICK HERE FOR DRILL NIGHT INFO.

  • $15 entry (includes air all day)
  • $45 for a case of paint (other higher grades may be available)
  • Contact us for Team discount (Xball teams with rosters of 10 or more may be eligible for a discount)
  • Rentals packages are available and include: Tank, Entry, All day air fills, Mask & Marker. Costs vary per package: Starter ($30 gear only); Bronze ($35 gear & 200 ball); Silver ($45 gear & 500 balls); Gold ($55 Gear & 1000 balls)

OPEN PLAY DATES 2016:  Note: Field opens at 10am and Open play starts at 10:30am until 3pm


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