egacy Paintball Park wants to help grow our paintball community and more importantly to help people develop a skill set that will allow them to be competitive on the paintball field.

I have had the opportunity to compete on the paintball field since the late 1990's and have been playing since early 1994. Having a drill night locally to allow my team to practice has not only helped us, but brought us closer together. Legacy really offers up a great venue and family atmosphere. Tod West -

Drill night will offer running and shooting drills, Snap shooting, 4 vs 2, timed drills, some conditioning, etc... This will very as some coaches and teams may have their own set of drills, which will allow for a diverse instructional opportunity for all those who participate.

NOTE: You must be ten yrs of age and Legacy is a Field Paint Only Field.

Skill building Night Costs

Legacy Paintball Park Skill Night is time when you can hone your skills, learn from other team captains and experience the steps needed to improve your paintball skills whether you are playing in the woods or competing on an airblal field.

  • $5 per person
  • $45 a case or $12 a bag of 500 paintballs
  • Includes 1hr of play (6pm - 7pm)
  • Includes air & Entry

Skill building Dates

  • October TBD (515pm - 615pm earlier time because of daylight)